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What We Teach

Delightful Design

Learn to build reports and dashboards that delight users. We will teach you how to craft each and every pixel to fit the page perfectly. You'll learn how to push the limits of what PowerBI can offer in terms of design and aesthetics so that your users can always expect the best design from you.

The Grid

We will teach you how to work with the "grid-system", a grid-like structure which allows you to mold the reports and dashboards as you see fit for the current challenge. Instead of thinking in "visuals" we'll teach you how to think in "cards", which can contain multiple visuals, and can be shaped to fit the grid in multiple ways, giving you an endless possibility of design.

Complex Calculation

We will teach you the best DAX system to work with. You'll learn useful heuristics that you can rely on to master the Power of DAX so you can bring any calculation to the forefront of your reports.

KPI's that Work

We will teach you 2 industry leading KPI generation frameworks, an entire process that not only elevates the quality of your metrics but also the involvement and knowledge of the stakeholders of your reports.

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